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Cute and cuddly this dolly is the best thing you never knew you needed! Her pretty flower on her dress is a hair clip for you! This dolly is 14" tall from the tip of her head to the tip of her toes. Made of soft neoprene fabric and filled with polyester fiberfill. All the clothing is made of cotton and soft to touch fabrics, you can even bring your dolly to bed.

Plan on taking your dolly everywhere? No problem she is fully washable, just remember to ring out carefully and lay flat to dry (wash outfit separately). The outfit is easy to take on and off with soft Velcro.

Every dolly is handmade with love in Canada! The face is machine embroidered, the body is machine sewn together and the openings are ladder stitched closed. Her arms are hand stitched on and are move-able. Her full head of yarn hair is also sewn on by hand and in such a way that the hair style can be changed if you wish.

Her outfit has been custom made to fit the dolly perfectly, though your dolly will most likely fit other 14" doll clothing is she needs a wardrobe change.

This product was inspired by my daughter who loves to play with stuffies but not so much plastic dolls. Well now we have the best of both worlds!

Frog Princess Dolly

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  • Scuba Knit


    Hypo allergenic poly fil

    Soft Velcro




    Embroidery Floss

    Acrylic Yarn

    HTV Vinyl

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