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About Us


Ellie Rae Play was founded by Brittany, a mother who was inspired by her daughter's special request for a cloth doll. Since then, Brittany has created a line of dolls that are more than just toys. Each doll is designed to inspire creativity and imagination in children of all ages.  Our dolls are unlike any other on the market; they are soft and cuddly, designed with love and care to bring a smile to your child's face. Our collection includes a variety of outfits to fit your child's unique style. Not only will their personality shine through, but it will help with practicing their fine motor skills. Each doll is made with high-quality materials and is designed to be easy for children to hold and play with. We believe in inspiring imagination and creativity in children and supporting play therapy for special needs children. Our dolls have been used in play therapy, and we're proud to have made a positive difference in providing a source of comfort during difficult times. 


Crystal Hixt



Brittany Karbonik

Owner, Designer, Sewing Instructor


Shelah Klassen


Meet The Team

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